Quality Management System

Quality System Implementation
AGC supports its customers in the implementation of a quality system with a proven approach and a solid experience in the matter. AGC is committed to providing its clients with a plan and rigorous follow-up of the implementation. As well, AGC thoroughly understands the required reference standard, to question and improve the processes in place and can provide assistance during the external audit certification.
Audit Outsourcing
The AGC industrial engineering firm offers its clients the experts ito conduct the necessary internal audits to maintain accreditation.
Quality Control System
The AGC industrial engineering firm analyses for its customers the effectiveness of quality control for receiving, production and shipping. An adapted and efficient control plan is developed. AGC can take charge of training for the personnel involved.
Supplier Assessment
To assess the suitability of a supplier, the AGC industrial engineering firm implements for their customers’ a qualification process which includes various steps developed according to supply issues. An accurate assessment of the compliance with the criteria of quality, delay and service allows for clear communication with suppliers regarding the points requiring improvement as well as to identify opportunities in the control system.