Pulp & Paper

Examples of projects realized in the pulp & paper sector:


  • Global production plant diagnosis
  • Management of equipment performance improvement projects
  • Process optimization
    • Process mapping
    • Identification and implementation of improvement projects
    • Identification of operational targets
    • Development of SOPs and troubleshooting sequence
    • Establishment of a follow-up management tool for operational parameters (computer tablet)
  • Optimization of winder operations using the Kaizen approach
  • Workload assessment
  • Supervisor training
  • Outsourcing of managers and mechanics to carry out projects
  • Finished goods inventory management
    • Inventory analysis
    • Improvement warehouse management of finished goods
  • Raw material quality management
    • Supplier Assessment
    • Implementation of quality controls when receiving raw material
    • Layout improvement of raw materials storage areas


  • Maintenance system reorganization