Examples of projects realized in the mining sector:


  • Training of operation supervisors
  • Review of quality assurance systems based on ISO 9000 standards
  • Development and implementation of dashboards
  • Production and transport optimization studies
  • Realization or implementation of optimized solutions
  • SMED project for critical equipment refurbishment


  • Diagnosis of maintenance systems
  • Development or improvement of maintenance systems
    • Development of processes and organizational structures
    • Assessment of labour requirements
    • Definition of roles and responsibilities
  • Planning and follow-up of a project to upgrade production equipment
  • Training of maintenance supervisors
  • Outsourcing personnel to support maintenance supervision and planning
  • Development and follow-up of plans to improve performance or reliability of equipment
  • Reorganization of procurement activities
    • Management of requisitions and emergencies
    • Preparation of required parts (kitting)
    • Management of returned goods
  • Layout improvement of spare parts storage areas