Operational Performance

Adapted ContinuousImprovement
The continuous improvement process focuses on small steps rather than on one gigantic single step. AGC involves customers, employees and our customers’ products, to guide an approach based on meeting corporate objectives. The investment is made in the three company core values: customer satisfaction, involvement of staff of all functions within the company and efficiency of operations.
Layout Project
Every business is challenged to constantly evolve in order to adapt to the changing needs of its customers. A plant layout project is a solution to meet the challenges of a new reality and remain successful. The AGC industrial engineering firm has the capacity to define objectives, take charge of the project and accompany the work team in adjusting and realizing the layout project.
The “5S” approach is mainly intended to reduce waste and non-value adding activities. In addition, the introduction of the “5S” improves corporate image, increases available work space, reduces work-related accidents and time loss, improves productivity, quality and changes the existing culture to be more in control of the environment.
Workload Assessment
AGC has computer equipment to measure, compile and efficiently calculate workloads. AGC identifies gaps and turns them into an opportunity to improve the efficiency of resources through an optimal reorganization of the team.
Dashboard (Performance Indicators)
AGC identifies management indicators and develops a dashboard that helps companies make the best decisions when various choices arise. Data is often available, but not interpreted or compiled. A dashboard tailored to the needs of the company is essential to the proper management of operations.
The Kaizen method implements the intelligence of a team with a specific goal, in an organized context. AGC has developed efficient techniques which will significantly increase the team’s chances of success.
Kanban production and stock management is perfectly relevant for repetitive and regular production. It is an essential complement to manufacturing management in a just-in-time context. Kanban management is the solution to simplify the management of production and stocks.
Time Study
Time study is an analytical method recognized by the International Labor Organization offering an assessment that is efficient, objective and reliable regarding the potential for improvement. Through its expertise, AGC detects opportunities, proposes cost-effective and realistic solutions and guides its customers in making informed decisions.
Value Stream Mapping
The review and optimization of the value chain allow for the scrutinizing of company operations and the assessment of performance according to several criteria (costs, delay, quality, health and safety). This technique helps ensure that managers have a clear overview of improvement opportunities present in the processes and systems. AGC ensures that the improvement plan is focused on the objectives and strategic plans of the company.
Logistics Optimization
The majority of businesses are subject to the complexities of procurement, shipping and distribution. AGC is able to diagnose the current situation of its customers and develop or improve the logistics system to optimize performance. If necessary, AGC can use the process simulation to specify and confirm expected results.
Optimization of Work Methods
Departure or retirement of experienced labor, technological improvement of manufacturing processes, increase in quality requirements of a customer (or any other variations in operating processes) require a revision and a structured reorganization of work methods to maintain the performance level of the company.
Optimization of Operating Instructions
In close collaboration with the employees, AGC works to standardize and apply good operating practices, improve the overall rate of return and reduce waste. To do this, the critical parameters are identified, the operational standards and operating procedures are revised and the optimized instructions are then implanted which allows the correction of several problems at the source.
Simulation of Operations
The simulation of operations is an investment which helps to make important decisions with minimal risk. The majority of processes can be precisely simulated, without affecting operations, without worrying work teams and, of course, with no consequences on operations analyzed.
Launching a SMED project in a business sector is one of the best ways to make employees participate in an exciting project. This approach will make the work team aware of the importance of organized labor in reducing time loss and ensuring that equipment restarts as soon as possible. AGC includes a follow-up that ensures the implementation of solutions and maintenance of results.
ERP Software Support
Thanks to the expertise acquired over the past several years, AGC can effectively plan and monitor the ERP software implementation of its customers. Prioritization and project schedule, development and implementation of management processes, participation in training and coaching users of ERP software: everything is carried out by AGC for an optimal establishment adapted to the company.
Mobile Application
By thoroughly understanding the client’s requirements, AGC can supply its customers with a mobile application cleverly developed to optimize staff efficiency and reduce reaction time in facing problems they encounter. AGC supports programming and the implemention of themobile application as well as the training and coaching of its users.