Microsoft Interviews JGH

Microsoft Interviews JGH

Interview: Health Industry Lead for Microsoft Canada, Peter Jones, Conducts an Interview with Dr. Lawrence Rudski, M.D. at the Montreal Jewish General Hospital

In this interview, Peter Jones discusses the mixed reality project with Dr. Lawrence Rudski, M.D. From day one of the pandemic, AGC worked closely with the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal to overcome the challenges related to COVID-19. This interview is hosted by Peter Jones who is the Health Industry Lead for Microsoft Canada. He outlines the benefits and pitfalls to be avoided when carrying out such a project.

It is also gonna make everything easier for the nurses. They will be able to deliver the cares in a much more rapid and efficient ways.

Dr. Lawrence Rudski M.D.

Chief of Cardiology & Chief Medical Information Officer, The Jewish General Hospital

In the following segment of the video, Dr. Rudski explains how important it is to surround yourself with experts to implement new technologies such as the HoloLens.

” It is remarkable how it has really helped you address a lot of those challenges within the hospital. Your vision of how mixed reality can be used in healthcare is amazing.”

Peter Jones

Health Industry Lead for Microsoft Canada, Microsoft