New Features

New Features

"Branching" and "Spatial triggers": Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides Adds Two New Features Which Creates the Procedures of Tomorrow!

Holographic procedures were already revolutionary, but today, Dynamics 365 Guides adds 2 new features that will leave you speechless!


The first feature allows branching during a procedure. You can now choose the next step of the procedure according to your needs. The branching will give you choices and you will be directed to the correct section of the procedure based on your choice. Procedures that used to be linear are now personal and adapted to your personal needs.

Spatial Triggers:

The second new feature is to trigger actions based on the position of your hands. For example, if an employee places his hand on the wrong valve, the procedure will immediately indicate an error message and suggest the right action to perform.

The following video summarizes the new features.

“With these new features, it's as if the HoloLens can read our mind!”

Jonathan Montplaisir

Kruger's HoloLens Project Manager , AGC

The combination of “branching” and “spatial triggers” greatly increases the fluidity of procedure execution. We go from one step to the next in a natural way, without thinking about it. You can therefore shift your focus on learning. The holographic procedures are now much more advanced, they complement the operator in his learning process.

Procedures of Tomorrow

The instruction manual of the future turns its pages itself and warns you if you have misunderstood the instruction! Are you speechless yet?

It is normal!